List of Machinery And Equipment

S#Name of Machinery Quantity
Unit Price
(Rs. in Million)
(Rs. in Million)
Portable FoldableFixedCapacity
(Per Day)
1Complete Horticultural Processing line having an output of 5/10 MT with Equipments 11241241113250/350 KG
2Complete Processing line for Dried value-added products of dairy/Livestock11101101115250/350 KG
3Complete Processing line for Dried value-added Halal Meals 5-8 MT/Day
4Complete Processing line for dried value-added products of Meat/Fisheries
5Complete Maiz Grits milling processing line with 10 bodies 30 MT
6Abrasive Peeler for Potato (ss) with Conveyor/Sorting System
7Slicers for Potato, Onion and Carrot (es)
8Slicers for Tomato (ES)
9Mango Pulper De-stoner with Screw Conveyor System Grinding/Milling System with Automatic Conveyor System Sieves with Stainers,
10 Abrasive Peeler for Carrot and Onion (ss) with Conveyor/Sorting System
11Sorting and Body System
12Trollies Japanese Heavy Duty Nanto Wheels
13Trays Stainless Steel Frames Fitted with Bamboo Sticks Sulpher House Sulphiting/Blanching Tank System with Complete Conveyors
14Separators with Water Dryers/Fans Steel Washing Tank for Various Fruit Vegetable Lines with Auto Loading and Feeding
16Heat Exchangers for Final Finishing with Complete Moisture Removing System
17Stainless Steel Pans with Water Stainer System Complete Line
18Flaking Machine with Sizing Sieves
19Granular Meshing Systern with Complete Feeding Line
20Automatic Packing System Complete Line for Aluminum Foil Packing
21Tunel Dryers Auto Control 40ft x 8ft x 40ft
22Mincer/Chopper Sets for Chicken, Mutton and Beef (ss) complete line
23Mixing Pans with Stiring Vibrators System with Conveyors
24Sorting Tables (ss) 30x4x225
25Transformer of 250 KVA
26Electric Dryer for the Removal of Micro Organism Pathogen of Meat Condaminans
27Spray Dryer for Egg Powder Complete Unit
28Sui Gas Connection 10 Psi with Fitting and Fixture Lines
29Water Tubewells with Heavy Water Storage Tank
30Tomato Flaking Washing/ Picking line
31Auto Claving Processing Units
32Stainless Steel Tray 5×5
33Cooking/Steaming Units
34Blowers Heavy Duty of 3.50 feet with Coupling System
35 Color sorter/Lab scale/Husking Unit/Polisher/Dryer
36 Parboiled Unit with Steam Boiler
37Cube/Granular Manufacturing Units
38Sorting Conveyor complete line
39Rotary Washing System with Separating Line
40Garlic Peeling Machine (ss) Topping/ Tailing/ Husking line
41Chopping Machine with Cubing Line
42Continuous Single Layer Dryer for Final Finishing of Dried Meat (as)
43Vacuum Cabinet Dryer
44Magnet Sorting System
45Finishing Bins Vacuum Packing/Sealing Under Inert Gas for Aluminum Foil Packing System
46Imported Vacuum Pump auxelary with complete line Boiler Smoke Tube Package with Complete Pipe Line Fitting 3-4 Ton/hr x10 Kg Cm
47(Dual Bumer, Gas and Heavy Oil) Power Generator 200 KVA with Fuel Tanks Turbo Type 400 Volts, 50 Cycles, 1500
48RPM Power Factor 0.8
49Infrared Moisture Tester System
50Air Compressor with Dryer and Fitter Capacity 8 bar Consumption 300 Litre/1 Minute
52Waste Hooper with Hydraulic Control Openings 810 Tons of Solid Waste
53Solar Drying Sheets with Solar Foldable Channel Stands 100,000 s.ft
54 Forlift Capacity 2.5 M. Tons
55Sterlizer Elevator Electronic Grador (by Weight)/ Mechanical Grador (by size)
56Temperature Control Chamber
57Workshop/Auxilary Equipment complete line
58Office Equipment Fixtures & Furnitures
59Vehicles Truck Type/ Loaders/ with Crane Set
60Installation/ Maintenance Cost Flouring, Infrastructure