It is not out of the question to mention here the RISK IN AGRICULTURE had been dominated by the reshaping of EU USA processing lines by 25 times less weight/volume/cost ultimately agriculture reshaped economically and become risk-free in losses. Dominated technology since 1975 at source-based agriculture losses the phenomenon of uncertainty in agriculture killed scientifically the smallholder farming future secured in agriculture. Climatic conditions industrially killed in crops challenges dominated crop to crop basses along with physical and climatic conditions. Financial losses in the future based eliminated permanently. Due to our repeated processing technologies value-added technology maximized outputs TECH sustainability achieved by balancing of inputs/outputs such as 10 MT fresh Onion was balanced with 1 MT dried Onion at farming/fruit & vegetable markets/infrastructure stations etc Similarly 1 MT fresh Garlic converted to dried minced garlic by sustainable tech industrialization. The future-based technologies under economic/environmental tech sustainability in crops. At our organization, the challenges of uncertainty and risky business in agriculture totally dominated under our TECH partnerships. On the other hand, all loss challenges are overcome and small-scale farmers’ economy is balanced by weight at input/output TECH mechanism. Our organization is ready to perform physically/practically the killing of risky business/ uncertainty in agriculture before BAYER experts and also requests to perform our technological TECH solutions before EU, USA AGRI TECH researchers/scientists of EU, and USA universities. Our risky challenges killed by our biotechnology/bioengineering applications invented TECH sustainable solutions at risky areas farmers encouraged by our tech partnerships.

Our organization is the first inventor in TECH sustainable agriculture at guarantee/warranty, profit/loss basis our private/public partnerships. Seeking to perform technological scientific innovation before EU, USA media, etc under our own production lines /processing lines/road maps, all processing sheets dominated and innovated sheets invented as per crop/climatic conditions/moister level/maturity moister and physical condition of the crop. First of all, perishability killed either at farming to factory sites identified the tech sustainability processing lines, In leafy vegetable groups about 20 to 25 Kg leafy vegetables converted to 1 Kg outputs, But in the case of spinach crop it is not dryable by sun drying, So about 25 Kg spinach cooked by cookers/portable auto clay, ultimately 1 Kg dried instant spinach converted to about 10 value-added spinach/palak salans/curry such as Aloo Palak Salan, spicy palak salan, palak meat salan, palak chicken salan, etc. Similarly garnishing leaves/coriander leaves about 25 Kg is converted to 1 Kg cooked/auto clay dried powder later on 1 Kg dried coriander paste/powder is converted to value Chatni powder, also supplied eating/hotels/restaurants/domestic kitchens, etc. So each risky challenge converted to profit technically by innovative technological solutions, similarly, all loss challenges minimized the risk of loss. The private funder is unable to fund the next crop if passed crop funds are not balanced at the physical site as well as in account books, so our auditors strictly watch TECH sustainability at field farming/vegetable market/factories/seasonal processing stations, etc, ultimately recycling profit/loss deficiencies are recovered, balanced funds for next crop. The repeat recycling processing at various seasonal processing stations all risky and loss in business challenges killed technically /practically. About 2000 farmers benefited in practically at tech delivering solutions/partnerships. Our all fundings are an integral part of technology, our financial advisor/consultant’s recommendations are technology-based fundings and non-technology based is not made, our funding parameters/applications are an integral part of technology. In the last 40 years, each and every loss/challenge mechanized industrially, each agriculture crop had been industrialized at a turn-key basis. All EU, USA process lines/production lines/slicer/cutter/dicer/grinder/dryer, etc reshaped to the requirements of small scale farmers having 1 to 10 HA, so in maize mill processing reshaping resulted 20 times less weight & volume, the portable maize grits processing lines are provided to a farmer of 10 HA, The portable/affordable/movable/foldable maize mill has a capacity to process about 5 MT maize grits per hour. About 25 to 30% moister level of maize is reduced to about 12% which is a safe limit of maize crop. This operation takes one hour for 5 MT approximately.

Ultimately maize crop is technically secured at farming/storage/grain market/factory etc. The cost of a small processing line is about 4K USD similarly maize germinator cost about 6K USD, the reshaping of the total crop processing line revolutionized agriculture for future security. The risky uncertainty challenges technically dominated loss challenges and established/balanced input/output technically. TECH sustainability invented an ecosystem ultimately small farmer converted in our outreach tech services as all their loss challenges converted to profit for future-based secured agriculture. So each crop season of small farmers secured financially. Our organization is seeking to transfer technological solutions to BAYER under partnership in any part of the world. The worldwide 40% food wasted loss will start to convert to profit during 2021-2022 instead of 2030. The 40% economy will be regulated under our technological ground-based by our small-sized innovative processing lines. First community-based MOBILE COMMON dried processing installed by PCSIR Technology Pakistan/1975, operated by farming/industry communities, skilled/industrial researchers/scientists.

Each LOSS is converted to profit by future based scientific/technological DRYING solutions at sourcing; moisture reduced technically to safety in low communities areas. MOBILE DEHYDRATION PLANT operated with 85% females; tech chemistry sustainability achieved commercially, females domestically trained.  Five Slicing/VALUE ADDED drying centers, sustained AGRI at seasonal stations, industrial TECH minimized emission/toxicity/pollution /weight/volume instantly up to 15%, managed scientific tech solutions in low farming families areas, commercial awareness transferred to growers. Seven SEASONAL SLICING centers popularized surroundings 50 villages by commercial industrialization, Found/followed/faced/killed global problems as FRONT FOOT FIGHTER. Climatic conditions/SGDs industrialized, 40% losses SAVING possible during 2021-2022 instead of 2030 by partnership. SKAL/US.AID/IAEA//HALAL/PFA certified on 28/06/2004 (Instafood). Practersized TECH-based, simple principle that doesn’t let food get wasted, adopted scientific, initiatives/practical/least cost farmer-industry partnership,  killed perishability/Volume/Weight up to 80%, green sustainable chemistry commercialized/chemical transformations supported, engineering /physical chemistry in corporate. TECH-DRYING sustainability researched farm-based practicalities, value-added/innovations invented by eight Pre/post-harvest training/ seasonal infrastructure stations promoted industrial methodologies/equities, R&D mobile drying reduced diversity scientifically, small domestic food laboratory-based technologies enhanced to commercial industrialization. Farmer-industry drying partnership profited to each crop.

BIOTECHNOLOGY/innovative analytical applications dominated losses practically, sustained for next crops, recycling funding sustained scientifically by engineers/ technologists, Pakistan ARMY followed our motivated/impacted methodologies of killing TERRORISM at sourcing. That’s why 95% terrorism killed, if technological/scientific solutions of 40 years applied at sourcing, 100% biodiversities industrially secured. Future-based Practersized BIO-TECH is neither homemade nor paper-made but field-based.EU/USA lines reshaped at 20 times less cost by in-house technologies at six R&D vendors/engineering/workshops, R&D industrialization Innovated ECO-SYSTEM/VALUE ADDITIONS, resulted in new emerging technologies under cross-cutting game changing Physical Chemistry. Industrial/engineering chemistry innovations changed loss vision in agriculture  permanently, developed quantitatively/qualitatively small/ large chemistry technologies, fully commercialized technology advance marketing /sales partnerships strongly supported sales, in past 40% wasted due to lack of sustainable strategic scientific appropriate drying technologies, farmers unable to balance economically,  used to be a gambling issue in agriculture, field-based commercial technological dominated crop gambling, multiple R&D solutions impacted TECH sustainability, balanced in- outputs, survival supported by industrialization.

If one crop is not sustainable, unable to fund for next crops. Potential feasible technological industrialization in crop generated new economies in commercialization, Tech-based institutional motivations technically secured future-based fundings, in-outputs balanced to low-income stakeholders. Innovative industrial Tech at turnkey basis killed losses of 2000 farmers. Being Tech provider/private funder, found scientific solutions for funded survival. R&D Organization posted retired UNIVERSITY researchers/scientists/crop specialists/vegetable botanists/field clusters, reduced perishability up to 12%, spot scientific solutions researched for funded survival, if private funder loses any crop then future funding not possible, each produce dried with least cost-effective mobile lines, at do/die bases, semi-processed shifted to factories for finishing 6 %, Nestle/Unilever/LU/US-AID/ Defense served in natural/Organic/ingredients/ValueAditition. Tech transfer to IUPAC gives leadership in CANADIAN Universities/future students, Asia/Africa. 40% loss started converting to profit for ZERO HUNGER/EMISSION during 2021/22 under profit-loss/PPP.

Technology provider, 40 YEARS OF IN/OUT FIELD BASED INDUSTRIALIZED INNOVATIVE VALUE ADDED DRYTECH FOR ZERO FOOD WASTE AT SOURCING under industry/farmer/urban females partnership at seasonal processing stations/partial processing infrastructures/pre-post harvest training workshops

Your Products / Services

Describe the company’s product/service including how it meets an unmet need, is solving a real problem and the data that support this.

Developed game-changing value-added multiple emerging drying processing technologies; innovated industrial TECH sustainability by 40 years of Tech. in-house technology dominated high-cost imported processing lines into cost-effective processing and invented professional sheets to new challenges. Developed Innovative field-based appropriate drying Technology feasible to agriculture in low-income areas, Valued added multiple drying industrial/commercial RESEARCH invented commercial future-based solutions, future of poverty mechanized by in-house technology., vision -2030 started saving achieved during 2021-22 instead of 2030 by our partial seasonal stations by small/smart processing/mobile/portable/affordable/foldable/the the moveable TECH slicer/dicer/cutters/mobile drying systems methodology. Sourcing site partial processing at farming/fruit vegetable markets/storage/factories developed microorganism, initiated partnership to IAEA/FOOD IRRADIATION/FAO since 1992 exclusively; food irradiation successfully operated in Pakistan, with our technology partnership.


Rice Meals Biryani -VALUE ADDED
Organic Haleem Meals
Organic Pulses Meals
Halal Organic Mutton/Chicken/Beef/Fish Meals
Macaroni (Chicken/Mutton Meals)
Instant Noodles/Paste Mutton Meals
Spaghetti Meal Dishes(with minced Beef)
Organic Chatni Powders
Organic/natural Dried Fruit Slices 
Spicy Vegetables (Ready to serve)
Ready to eat Soups
Pickle Powders
Plain/recipe Spices 
Paste Recipe Spices Powders
Fruit Drink Powder

Management Team

Please tell us more about the founders & management team – backgrounds, name, title & email.

1. Mr. Ali Liaqat, Tech provider & C.E.O Bio: Ali Liaqat BSc, 70 years, is the tech innovator in industrial sustainability since 1975, working on value-added Drying of HORTI/DAIRY/LIVESTOCK/FISHERIES. The technology organization funding to small-scale farmers was secured with the practical ground reality industrial-based tech, and 85% jobs has been exercised in practical implementations at agri/nutri loss stations, ultimately zero food waste technology was invented for each crop separately, and developed cost-effective DRYING DIVISION in Pakistan, All EU/USA drying lines reshaped at 20times less cost to kill all loss challenges, nominated as technology founder. 2 . Mr. Dr. Zulfiqar Ahmad, PhD. Poultry Production, Bio: Msc (1994) in Poultry Husbandry (University of Agriculture, Faisalabad), PhD in Poultry Production 2013 (the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore), Specialization in dried meat processing chicken, mutton and beef. Specialization in liquid chicken, mutton, beef fat. 3. Mrs. Rukhsana Ch. Head Female Genders, MA English, Bio: MA English 1982-1983 Principle researcher in value addition halal meals since 1985. 4. Ms.Aishah Latif, IT In charge , BSCS Bio: Trainer at the innovative training center at food loss stations in female division. 5. Dr. Shah Muhammad Alvi, Organic Farming/Processing Bio: PHD environmental science from Kobe University Japan(1988-1994) Organic and MSc from University of Agriculture (1974-1976) 6. Mr.Abdul Rahim Khan, Post Harvest Researcher Bio: Academia Research Supervision (MSc/PhD) 7. Mr. Adnnan, Finance department 8. Mr. Talha Saeed, Director R&D PHL Technology 9. Dr. Aftab Arslan, Director R&D Meet Drying Bio: Meet drying since 2013.

Market Size and Potential

Our target markets are food/spice/pharmaceutical/herbs/hotel/catering/flavouring/halal meals/soup industries etc similarly industrial user private label exporters/industrial users/packers/army/ranger private contractors/country-wide distributors/resellers etc are the part of our targeted markets. Our fabrication/ solutions research has developed, impacted economy, to crops saving , produce are under Buy-back agreements. Losses are at sourcing sites, initially, partial drying applications were applied to kill MOISTURE/WEIGHT/VOLUME, and produce was converted in dried form by 75% to 12%. Semi-processed produce is shifted to COMMON DRIED PROCESSING PLANT. Our Produce saved, with food/Agriculture Partnership. Major hurdle in Drying was high-cost Machinery of EU, fabricated Drying Plant at a cost of $0.10 M by conversion of 40 Ft FCL into TUNNEL TYPE DRYERS. Game changing economic technology has developed sustainability.

Our innovative Technology is fit for all areas, Small mobile unit of DRYING has been developed for innovative trainings. Our RESEARCH is industrial/future based solutions, future of sustainability in poverty. Having technical capacity to provide a perfect ROAD MAP for sustainability, vision -2030 may be achieved within one year instead of 2050. Being private funder to small scale farmers since 1975, entire annual produce of our farmers is under buy-back agreements and total produce of Horti/diary/livestock/fisheries, is at our disposal, so due to stakeholders of  RAW Materials, we process for national/multinationals /food/spice industries, as we are the bulk dried processor, so the entire dried/natural organic ingredients/value added range is being processed under a single source/roof etc, also manage raw material farming with the ,VEGETABLE/HERB SEEDs etc of our buying partners, and this type of ingredients processing partnerships have ,enhanced our sales/productions and multinational/national food companies have stopped to import the ingredients imports of Horti/diary/lives/stocks, ingredients, due to our local/farming/dried processing. We are the bulk dried processors of national/multi national/food/spices industries/exporters/packers/industry-users/retailers and customers are: Nestle/knorr/brookbond/lu-buiscuit/searl-pakistan ltd / AKC commodities NJ USA/ USAid during Afghan-Russia War. National food industry customers National-food/Mehran/Shan/Hamdard/Laziza/Rafhan Food etc

Competitive Position

Briefly describe the factors that differentiate your company and technology from competitors. List your top 3 direct competitors.

In the History of Pakistan, No one has taken any initiative of scientific technological Agri Research Processing, except our Organization for saving PHL since 1975. We inheritably farming and also were appointed as an exclusive distributors by US Seed Companies e.g. FMC CHRITES MOSCOW Inc. IDAHOW, Holler & Co., ALF Christian Co., Taki & Co and 8 others. As a Private Funder to Small Scale Farmers we provide Seeds,  Machinery & Tech to enhance their production under Buy-Back Produce Agreement.

Shezan International Limited, National Foods Limited, Shan Foods, Mehran Spice and Food Industries.

Go To Market / Business Model

Describe your Business Model (how you make money) Also, Indicate which channels will be used to deliver your products / service to your target markets (i.e. direct sales force, VARs, channel partners, etc).


The fundamental sales/profitability is based on cost-effective raw material/dried processing lines/in-house technologies/labor clusters /packaging material/transportation etc. In each and above case our organization is self-sufficient and due to our own farming we are getting raw material at the lowest possible rates , similarly all dried processing lines have been developed/installed by our own technological department. Furthermore, being qualitative/quantitative and bulk processors our prices are much attractive for the buyers, due to the above factors our costing has been minimized and profitability has been sustained so day to day our revenue model is being generated by our regular product sales etc.


Being an innovator in Halal dried natural/organic meat powder/chunks/value addition etc since 1975 were also certified by SKAL during as on 28-06-2004, Nestle/Soup manufacturers, etc indulged towards our company as in past multinational companies used to import by foreign suppliers the technological availability accessed our sales in natural/organic horti ingredients. The financial sales improved as Nestle was exporting meat noodles to Russia. Ministry of Defense also purchased value-added instant halal meals/biryanis etc for their troops at Siachin borders.   

Why should THRIVE & Bayer select you as a finalist for the THRIVE|Bayer Challenge?

Each year our economy increased by 25 to 35% which allowed us to maintain R&D at our six vendor engineering workshops. In 2019 our THRIVE application was accepted and notified accordingly for a 75 days training workshop in California USA. We are the first Tech organization since 1975 to set a PCSIR technology transfer agreement for the vegetable dehydration plant (copy enclosed). Industrialization in agriculture at last sourcing station of farming fruit and vegetable market/storage/factories/processing etc. And being a research-based company all lost challenges converted to profit by farmer Industry rural/urban/ female slicing/topping/tailing/drying clusters.

In fact tech sustainability achieved for each crop and each crop was technically fully secured by partially drying at the farm to factory and at farmlands, The AGRI produce was partially processed up to about 12% moisture later on the semi processed crop shifted to plant for final finishing of 6%, So this TECH application weight/volume/perishability was killed about 80 to 90% at sourcing by industrial applications. Developed value-added new slicing/dicing/topping/tailing solutions to stop immediate contamination/deterioration etc. At Liaqat corporation limited since 1975 about 2000 value-added technology and reshaped agriculture for future funding securities, also privately invested about 35K USD or above each year reputedly R&D investments profited us five to six times invested amount. The engineering workshops maize/rice/wheat miller partnerships resulted in all technological saving innovations.

The industrial/climate problems killed technically with secured our future farming. The 30 to 40% annual based convection to profit increased farmer industry partnerships. The organic certification as of 28/06/2004 vide license # 12345 boosted our exports about five times. The financial up-gradation resulted from organic dried processing of dried fruits and value additions. The scientific/tech backup details/charts sported our tech solutions for the killing of losses in the agriculture industry. Our regular R&D invented affordable/portable/movable/foldable small/smart processing lines meant for five to ten acre.  The partial processing slicing/dicing/cutting etc killed about 40% annual losses farming/storage fruit and vegetable markets as the perishability was reduced by about 10 to 12% this was the basic TECH innovative solution in agriculture to secure the funded amount.